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Digital Hot Stuff


Adweek and Mediaweek released their joint Top 10 Digital Hot List this week. They picked ten sites that have a LOT of traffic, are impacting the digital space as well as our culture, and doing innovative things with ad models. Those are the things to go to school on if you ask me.

The top of the list is Google (of course), with 27% of the total online ad market in their pockets according to EMarketer. Google is so innovative and impressive in their multi-focused, non-standard approach to everything, perhaps the concern about them at this point should be why they are not paying attention to digital audio.

I’m very interested in several of the other top ten picks. Have you heard of Hulu? Been to the site? In 5 months 3.3 million people used it, and it made this Top Ten list at 4. It’s a joint venture between several tv networks that offers syndicated video content. It’s experimenting with offering joint content AND its experimenting with innovative ad models like letting viewers choose their own sponsors. They’re probably moving away from selling standard length commercials too.

The most interesting one on the list is an music based social network called Imeem. I mentioned it to someone last week who had never heard of it. While it’s not really an Internet radio station if you use a narrow enough definition of Internet radio, in my mind if you can stream music from it then it is Internet radio because it’s competing for audience. Imeem is a music site with 3.6 million registered users and a promising ad model. Music and ads, within a new and innovative platform.   Seems to be interesting to listeners…

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