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Internet Radio’s growing audience

According to a new study of radio listenership released by American Media Services, Internet radio’s audience is growing. The percentage of respondents who had listened to Internet radio in the past week was 39% up from 23% six months ago. Another 23% of the respondents had listened in the past month. That’s 62% combined who have listened to Internet radio in the last month.

American Media Services study

American Media Services study

The majority of respondents listened to Internet-only stations as opposed to stations playing the same thing as on the radio. When asked what would make them want to listen to Internet radio more, the top 3 items mentioned were more music, fewer commercials, and greater selection. This would be an indicator to stations that a diverse offering of music could serve to broaden their reach. Broadcasters looking for they key to success online would be wise to offer streams that expand and extend their brand while offering something different than what is available on the broadcast station.

Like so many internet based media offerings, Internet radio will succeed as a “long tail” medium, where listeners are dispersed among a wide variety of channels.

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