Advertising Week Internet Radio

The Radio Advertising Bureau has launched an impressive effort this week with WADV Radio – an Internet radio station broadcasting live this week in NYC for Advertising Week. Ad Week, in its 5th year this year, is a huge event that encompasses many conferences and seminars – some paid, many free to those who register. According to the website, it’s meant to provide a positive face for the Ad Industry and showcase excellence.

WADV Radio’s website shows a list of interviews that they have conducted, which are streamed live and offered for download. It’s good content — interviews with The New York Times, Facebook, Ad Age, Canoe, Saatchi and Saatchi, McCann Erickson and more.

WADV Radio is hosted by Triton Media, and produced by the Radio Advertising Bureau. It’s a great showcase for the Radio Industry – and Internet Radio! The site offers live streaming, podcasts, twitter updates, and even photo sharing on Flikr. Kudos to the RAB for this brilliant showcase of Radio’s digital relevance to the Ad Industry!


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