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Streaming on iPhone

According to the iPhone apps store, 3 mobile streaming music applications rank in the top ten free music apps downloaded Pandora, Flycast and AOL Radio.  This is great news for Internet radio! iPhone is the first widespread portable streaming device to offer easy access to streaming radio. Apple will sell more than 10 million iPhones this year, and certainly help to build the online radio audience along with its own brand.

Pandora reports that 1.1 million people have downloaded their application to stream on the iPhone since July when it became available. There are hundreds of apps available in the iPhone app store, and Pandora ranks in the top ten free apps overall and first in the music apps column. Flycast, another streaming radio application that offers access to Internet radio streams including AccuRadio, Radioio, lots of other online radio brands and broadcast radio streams, is another popular iPhone app. According to Joe Monastiero, Co-Founder of Flycast, there have been “hundreds of thousands” of downloads of the Flytunes application.

According to M:Metrics, a company that studies mobile usage, 74.1 percent of iPhone users listen to music on their iTunes-equipped devices. Only 27.9 percent of smartphone users listen to music on their phones and 6.7 percent of the overall mobile-phone-toting public listens to music on their mobile devices. Concludes M:Metrics, “iPhone’s Internet centric interface combined with AT&T’s unlimited data offering have made it easy for listeners to access web content.” Other popular activities include search engines, video, and news and information.

More good news for Internet radio – mobile streaming is beginning to monetize. Pandora recently announced that Best Buy will be the first advertiser on their iPhone mobile streaming platform, followed by Becks Beer. Each will be the exclusive iPhone/Pandora advertiser for a month. I checked it out today – downloaded the Pandora app on my phone and entered my Pandora username and password, and there it was, the Best Buy logo at the bottom of the screen, right below the album artwork. It’s great to see advertisers spending on mobile streaming.

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