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Measuring and Monetizing Podcasts

Because podcasts are downloaded onto a personal device before being listened to, the actual delivery of the commercial can’t be confirmed. This creates a challenge in a world where buyers are looking for actual delivery measurement, as they are with interactive media in general.

Volomedia has just launched a product that works with iTunes and appears to be able to deliver and confirm delivery of the podcast content beyond the download to the actual opening of the file. Assumably, once the file has been opened, the audio commercial has been delivered. This makes sense and seems acceptable.

The fact that the Volomedia plug-in will interface with iTunes is great news. ITunes is the main gateway to podcast content, generating the vast majority of the podcast download traffic that any content provider receives. But it’s been a struggle for those content providers to confirm that traffic and quantify delivery to advertisers – and therefore monetize their podcast content.

According to Volomedia, besides enhancing podcast advertising and audience measurement, the product has been built to enhance the podcast experience for consumers. Now, podcasts that contain the VoloMedia plug-in will feature three clickable buttons, identified as “Share,” “Bookmark” and “More” – which allow users to automatically spread podcast content much like they do with video content that is played via the Web. Since awareness of podcasting is still relatively low, this viral function could boost audience as well.

The revenue model for podcast content is different than that of Internet radio – we’re talking about a smaller but highly engaged audience. Fewer impressions, more targeted and more valuable. For more info on this read my post Podcasts Are Engaging. Volomedia’s ability to confirm delivery of the content and commercials should help publishers to monetize their podcast content.

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