Daily Archives: October 28th, 2008

Internet radio is great news

News and Talk stations are seeing the benefits of offering streams and podcasts of their content. A recent survey conducted by News Generation, a public relations company with an expertise in radio, showed that of top news and talk radio stations surveyed in the top-25 markets, 100% of the 25 stations stream their content online, and all but one offer their content as podcasts as well.

News and Talk broadcasters have realized that the original content that they produce has lots of value – and distributing it on different platforms makes sense. The survey went on to provide specifics on four stations in particular: WCBS-AM in New York, WBZ-AM in Boston, KTRH-AM in Houston, KXL-AM in Portland, and KMOX-AM in St. Louis. The stations said they offer between 75 and 100 percent of their audio content as podcasts. WCBS sees 700-800,000 downloads a month and significant revenue from its podcast content.

By offering their content online, stations are expanding their audience. CBSRadio’s news stations across the country saw a huge jump in listenership during their live streaming coverage of the Vice Presidential Debate, and CBS-AM in New York got a 200% lift out of streaming the final Presidential debate live. Stations can expand their offerings online with alternative programming or in-depth reporting, or simply rebroadcast their on-air programming online. Either way, streams and podcasts are a great way to grow audience.

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