Comscore to report GRPs

comscorecomScore, a leading Internet measurement company, announced last week that their 3rd quarter revenues grew 37% over last year. Not many businesses are out there making that claim these days. It’s not hard to figure out why – they are rapidly becoming the leading Internet based research tool for audience measurement, and they have been releasing lots of new and innovative products recently to stay ahead of the curve.

comScore just announced a new product called “Extended Web Measurement” which allows tracking of content over distributed web platforms. What’s really significant about this is that comScore will begin reporting in GRPs. This will allow the integration of their web metrics with GRPs for other sources, such as television or radio, and enable agencies to plan campaigns across multiple media.

As I stated in a post a couple of weeks ago, Converting Internet radio or interactive campaigns to Gross Rating Points can be useful because it enables a planner to make cross media comparisons. Kudos to comScore for realizing this. No doubt, it will open up a lot of new customers for them as traditional agencies see the value in their metrics for integrating online and offline campaigns.

comScore is primarily focused on website audience traffic. I still object to the way they measure Internet radio. They generate a meager panel on a monthly basis of streaming audio panelists, and use that tiny sample to establish listening estimates for subscribing stations. They then turn the data over to Arbitron who stamps the research with their name and publishes it. Basically, I think because comScore isn’t putting their name on it, they haven’t dedicated resources to making it a reliable, comprehensive report. Nonetheless, their decision to release GRP metrics on their web based products is a good one, for them and the industry.


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