What’s driving Internet radio?

delphi2This week’s announcement by Delphi that they will partner with Autonet to build Internet devices for cars is huge news for Internet radio. Delphi has produced more than 283 million mobile radios. In the last 25 years, Delphi has been at the forefront in the introduction of multi-speaker premium audio, CD playbacks, DVD rear seat video, MP3 playbacks, and satellite radio into the automotive market.

Autonet’s technology turns your car into a wifi spot with technology that is designed to stay connected while driving. Clearly this partnership is intended to create in-car devices to stream audio and video. Earlier in the year Chrysler introduced the Mopar Hot Spot – which repackaged Autonet’s product autonetwith a Chrysler branded name for sale as an option in Chrysler cars.

Delphi also produces units for satellite radio – and something tells me they may be looking for a new growth area. The automotive industry has been the mainstay of satellite radio’s existence – it’s the way they acquire new subscribers. Why would anyone opt to install a device that can access one dedicated satellite radio company rather than a device that can tune in thousands of Internet radio stations as well as browse the Internet for endless other reasons?

Can you say game changer? The devices produced by Delphi and Autonet could be just that for Internet radio and the radio industry…

2 responses

  1. […] me up now for a Delphi/Autonet radio for my car (see my post here for more on that). I’ll be first in line when they roll those […]

  2. […] The press release states that this is the first in-car Internet radio, and depending on how quickly they start to make them that may be the case – however, Delphi and AutoNet already announced plans for an in-car Internet radio as well (reported here). […]

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