Internet Radios are everywhere

Have you seen the tv ad for iPhone that calls it a game changer? A few months ago when Pandora announced that they were launching an application that would allow iPhone users to listen, I went and bought an iPhone because I knew that this would make a difference for Internet radio.

Four years ago I gave my husband a Roku Soundbridge that wirelessly connects iTunes on our computer with our stereo system so we can stream radio throughout our house. We use it all the time, and seldom listen to our cds anymore.

Can you stream radio from your phone? I had a blackberry I tried streaming radio on that (didn’t hold the stream very well), and I’ve tried to do it with my daughter’s phone as well (unsuccessfully).

I’ve played with tabletop wifi radios, and I need to get one. (I think the Chumby is pretty funny, so I may try that).

Sign me up now for a Delphi/Autonet radio for my car (see my post here for more on that). I’ll be first in line when they roll those out.

My point is this: if you’re in the radio business, and you’re not investigating Internet radio in these new forms, you should begin immediately. Give tabletop Internet radios away to buyers for Christmas. Give them to your sales department too. Make sure everyone who works for you knows how to listen to your stream on a computer – many probably don’t. In fact, some companies in the business even tell their employees NOT to stream radio on their computer. Um. I think that’s sending the wrong message.

The Internet radio train is boarding now. Find your seat…


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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I’ve just spent the past few weeks getting our client stations up and running on just about every platform imaginable.

    Blackberry (and other media enabled phones): Update your phone to the latest operating system if it’s more than a year old and then check out, which is a very simple application that can play just about any stream. This is only going to get easier as people upgrade to the latest phones that have streaming capability built right in.

    Tabletop WiFi Streaming: We really like the Squeezebox Boom by Logitech for streaming (as well as a ton of other features). The Chumby is very cool as well – we definitely need to add one to the collection of gadgets that we keep around the office.

    We’re also very eager to see the roll-out of the Delphi in-car radios – that’s the biggest “game changer” that we see on the horizon.

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