Internet Radio and Online Shoppers

nielson-onlineOnline retail sales will grow again this year, although at a smaller rate than in previous years. According to new information from Nielson Online, the challenge for most online retailers is not how to get the consumers to shop online – nearly 80% of online adults made a purchase online in the past six months – but how to differentiate their brand.

This is an opportunity for Internet radio, which combines the ability to deliver an online audience, with the unique ability to deliver an audio message to call attention to the retailer and drive traffic to a website.

Convenience is the main reason that consumers prefer shopping online – roughly 3/4 of those surveyed said they liked the fact that they could shop anytime they wanted, or that shopping online saved time.

Categories that traditionally do well online continue to be big winners, but new categories are emerging as well – consumers expect to buy more books and toys online than they did last year. The three biggest retailers mentioned in the survey were Amazon, Walmart, and Barnes and Noble. nielson-online-purchases1

While the news for this holiday season is not good for anyone, it’s better for online media and online retail than offline. Develop solutions that can help retailers capture online revenue, offer value, emphasize return. Those are the things that matter to consumers and retailers this year.


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