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Study: Radio Influences Online Behavior

A new study of “Digital Influencers” finds that radio plays a significant role in their online behavior. MS&L, a communications firm and part of Publicis Groupe, partnered with Ipsos to survey nearly 1000 people whose online behavior defined them as a Digital Influencer because they frequently researched and passed on information online. The study found that traditional media – newspapers and magazines, television and radio – played a “vital role in igniting the process that leads influencers to share information online”. 84% of those surveyed said they go online to learn more after hearing something on the radio or seeing it on television.

The study is interesting and valuable because it quantifies the connection between online and offline media. Online marketing has become a nearly essential element of most advertisers’ marketing strategies. Understanding that radio can play a critical role in online behavior opens up opportunities for cross platform blending of media for a successful ad strategy. “This research supports the need for influencer marketing campaigns to leverage both traditional and online tools to connect with consumers,” said Renee Wilson, deputy MD of MS&L New York and director of the agency’s IM MS&L practice.

Understanding the connection that radio can have with online behaviors also opens up a lot of new categories of advertisers that have not been traditional radio advertisers. Rather than driving in store traffic for an auto dealer or hardware store, sellers should also be thinking of ways to work with advertisers with specific online objectives.

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