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New Mobile App looks good for Internet Radio

Flycast, a mobile broadcast streaming platform, has launched a new ad platform that can target ads by various criteria such as gender, age, location, and even mobile device. More importantly, Flycast announced that their ad serving platform flycastwill utilize Doubleclick‘s ad services platform. Doubleclick (owned by Google) is one of the digital industry’s most widely used ad serving and accounting platforms. Doubleclick’s ad serving and reporting platform, called DART, is widely used and accepted by interactive agencies.

Flycast says that through it’s platform, mobile ads can be delivered to anyone, anywhere, anytime. They offer audio ads and display ads, and offer ad opportunities on “three of the most popular smartphone platforms – the Apple iPhone, the new BlackBerrys (Curve, Bold and Storm) and the T-Mobile G1.”

Their newly announced mobile ad platform integrates some advanced listener features as well, like allowing users to continue to listen to a station even during extended periods without a connection; the ability to skip back to early segments or the beginning of news, talk and sports radio shows, skip to the next song on certain webcast stations and pause on all stations. The BlackBerry smartphone version of FlyCast supports background play, allowing users to listen while they use their handset for other functions, and also supports playback through Bluetooth® stereo headsets.

All of this sounds pretty nifty to me, and certainly makes the Flycast streaming mobile ad platform a nice option for stations that are looking for a way to make their streams interesting to mobile listeners and monetize the impressions.

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