Daily Archives: January 28th, 2009

Internet Radio Revenue Increasing

Internet radio revenues are looking good despite the tough economic climate. This week I checked in with the heads of the two largest Internet radio ad networks and while neither would get specific, both reported that business looks good.

 Brian Benedik of Katz Online Digital Audio Network (formerly Katz Net Radio Sales) says “2009 will be a tipping point for ad supported Internet radio.” He says his network has added many new audio publishers and is “opening up new doors everyday with agencies who are discovering the benefits of Digital Audio…Expecting to grow exponentially this year”.

Doug Perlson of Targetspot, a network of Internet radio stations, says that demand is very strong for 2009, thanks to buzz created by iPhone and other mobile devices, and newsmakers like CBSRadio and Pandora.  He says the size of their network gives them the critical mass that advertisers want and the result is that more advertisers are buying and the buys are larger.”

Demand is up, the networks are growing, and advertisers are interested in spending money. It does indeed sound like 2009 will be a very good year for Internet radio.

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