AndoMedia Releases December Internet Radio Ranker

Newly released December listening stats from Andomedia’s Webcast Metrics show the Katz Online Radio Network with a weekly cume of nearly six million unique listeners Monday to Sunday 6am to midnight. That’s an increase of 40% over data on the Katz Network for November – reflecting some audience growth and the addition of CBSRadio streams to the Katz group. The fact that the AQH and Cume both grew by 40% indicates that the CBSRadio streaming audience was substantially unique listeners to the Katz Network.

CBSRadio’s streaming audience and Clear Channel’s online audience are now both represented in the Katz Online Radio Network measured by Andomedia. Other measured broadcast groups that contribute to that Katz Online Network number include Cox, Entercom and Radio One as well as significant online brands such as Digitally Imported, 977Music, 1.FM and AccuRadio. Most of these brands had minimal gains or losses versus their showing in November Webcast Metrics Ranker information.

Webcast Metrics December 2008 Ranker

Webcast Metrics December 2008 Ranker

AccuRadio showed the most organic growth from November to December, posting a 24% gain in AQH and 28% gain in cume, probably a reflection of the popularity of their multi-channel holiday music station AccuHolidays.

Andomedia’s Webcast Metrics is the only audience measurement service for Internet Radio that uses actual server data for audience measurement. The service measures only subscribing stations or groups and does not represent the entire Internet radio listening universe.


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