Targeted Audio Ads for Internet Radio

Ando Media announced today the release of a new technology to serve targeted audio ads to different Internet radio listeners based andoon unique characteristics including location, age, gender or other qualitative data. Ando Media adds this targeting capability to their already impressive list of audience and ad measurement tools specifically developed for the online streaming (primarily audio) industry. “It is truly a one to one audio experience for consumers, which also enables advertisers to hyper‐target and optimize relevance” highlights Bob Maccini, COO of Ando Media.

Targetspot, another leader in ad sales and targeting technology in the Internet radio space, has been emphasizing their targeting technology and the importance of selling targeted audio campaigns for a while.

Online consumers prefer targeted ads, according to a recent study by ChoiceStream. A survey of advertising preferences and degree of influence among 500 adult Internet users who have shopped and purchased online in the past year reveals that they like targeted ads, and the majority understand that that targeting comes from eretailers tracking their click and purchase behaviors. That’s okay with them, as long as it means that the ads they receive are relevant.

Increased targetability of audio ads should translate to more interest from advertisers, who are seeking greater return and more accountability for their ad dollars.


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