Google Gets Into Internet Radio

After abandoning its foray into newspaper advertising sales last month, Google announced another retreat from traditional media google-adwordsyesterday when it posted information on its blog that it will abandon broadcast radio inventory sales in May. From the beginning of its attempts to work with radio broadcasters, Google encountered resistance. Their initial premise of turning their long list of small local Adsense online advertisers into local radio advertisers was handicapped by their limited inventory – broadcasters were wary of working with Google and did not readily sign on. The revenue they generated was modest and never exploded.

Meanwhile, the buzz about Internet radio did explode, and not long ago I speculated that Google would be eyeing the online radio game. It makes a lot of sense – there’s plenty of inventory, the audience is growing rapidly and is online. Frankly, it’s a much more suitable match for Google. The only missing piece is the revenue – it’s a relatively small pond for Google at this point, so they must believe there will be substantial growth and that they will be able to impact that. I believe it too..


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