Internet radio and Online Coupons

Coupon sites were the fastest growing online category in November, according to a new report by eMarketer. More and more consumers are relying on the Internet to stretch their dollars – they’re searching for deals online, printing and clicking on coupons, and sharing good deals with their friends.

Online audio ads are very compatible with online coupons – they can drive traffic to and call attention to an online coupon. Ads that callCB104865 attention to coupons will increase the effectiveness of the ad, and improve the return. As more and more advertisers turn to coupons as a way to attract customers and track results, they’re also looking for ways to increase the likelihood that customers will take note of their offer. That’s where Internet radio can play an important part. Adding audio to a commercial can greatly improve its noteworthiness.

To create an effective Internet radio campaign that will increase return for the advertiser and increase the dollars invested in future campaigns, be sure to include at least one (or as many as possible) of the following elements:

  1. a synchronized banner that appears on the media player while the audio commercial is playing
  2. a static banner located in an easy to find location on a website
  3. a simple way for a mobile listener to text and receive a coupon or discount
  4. the website address of the advertiser
  5. a code that listeners can enter online to receive the special offer or discount

An Internet radio campaign could pair an audio ad with a banner element or source code, and encourage the listener to click on the banner, print a coupon and bring it into a store to promote in store traffic; or simply click on the banner to make an online purchase. The key is to remember that the listener is already online and can be motivated to take immediate action.


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  1. […] and offers have had a 14% increase in traffic year after year (Hitwise). Coupon sites were the fastest growing online category in November 2008 (eMarketer) as well as the overall second most popular category […]

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