Study: Radio and Internet are Complimentary Media

rmbOne third of Canadians have typed a website address into their browser after hearing it on the radio, according to a new study by Foundation Research on Radio and the Internet, published by the Radio Marketing Bureau. The study goes on to outline other stats that highlight ways that radio and the Internet are complimentary:

  • 36% of Canadians listen to the radio while surfing the Internet.
  • 62% of adults 18+ said that an ad on the radio had prompted them to visit a website in the past six months.
  • 62% of adults 18+ strongly agree that radio ads influence their Internet surfing.

The study goes on to provide several case studies on ways that advertisers used radio to drive traffic to their websites. Once there, 37% actually purchased the product, according to this study.

The study concludes: “Radio and internet are complementary media. The combination of radio and the internet satisfies the rational and emotional needs of consumers. The internet is a huge resource for information allowing people to find what they want, when they want it. Radio is a personal and emotional medium providing entertainment and companionship throughout the day. Both media connect the user with social communities.”

As everyone’s time spent online increases, understanding the ways that radio can become a compliment to online marketing goals becomes very important. In publishing this study, Canada’s Radio Marketing Bureau understands that.


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