AndoMedia Releases January Internet Radio Audience Ratings

andomediaAndo Media has released its January Top 20 – a ranking of the Top 20 Internet radio stations or groups of stations. The most significant change from last month is that CBSRadio – which for the first time last month was rolled into the Katz Online Network number – is now not included in that network’s number. According to Brian Benedik of Katz 360, “CBS’ stations are still part of our network, but they are choosing to only be shown as a standalone network in the Webcast Metrics ranker.”

Katz Online Network posts a total week (Monday – Sunday 6am – midnight) cume of just over 4 million and an AQH of about 270,000. CBSRadio shows a cume of 4.5 million but an AQH of 120,000. Clear Channel’s network of online stations posts a cume of 2 million, and an AQH of 75,000.

By comparison, CBSRadio’s ratio of AQH to Cume is much lower than the other two networks. I asked Jordan Mendell of Ando Media to explain. “AOL listeners account for a significant amount of CBSRadio’s network AQH, and the listening sessions for AOL are not as long as those of other stations, says Mendell.  “For example, the average time spent listening for AOL channels is 60 minutes while the average time spent listening for Clear Channel is 96 minutes.”

It makes sense that a huge portal like AOL would get a lot of people sampling the radio streams, but not necessarily listening for as long as people who listen to stations at websites where the radio station is the destination (purpose) for visiting the site.

Online broadcasters continue to post significant audience numbers – Digitally Imported, 977Music, and AccuRadio were the top online brands in the survey. AccuRadio’s numbers were off of their November-December high. (That station does particularly well with its offering of multiple holiday channels.) Other big broadcasters in the top ten: Entercom, Cox, Citadel, and ESPNRadio.


Webcast Metrics Audience Ratings, January 2009


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