Internet Radio on your Blackberry

bold_device_newBlackberry users have a new reason to love their devices, according to the official unofficial blog Rimarkable. New Blackberry models Storm and Bold (at least) are pretty good Internet radio players as well.

Flycast, an internet radio application that features over a 1000 stations is available as an app for iPhone and desktop as well – all for free. XM offers some (not all) of its channels via stream on Blackberry as well – for a hefty $7.99 a month(!) Slacker Internet radio is also available – a basic version is free and a more enhanced version of Slacker is available for $3.99 a month.

Mobility is the key to exponential audience growth for Internet radio. Last year, iPhone’s love affair with Internet radio apps made Pandora the number one downloaded free music app for the year. Thanks to its partnership with AT&T, Apple said it sold 6.9 million of its iPhone 3G devices in the quarter ended Sept. 27, compared with 6.1 million BlackBerry units sold by RIM. There are a lot of Blackberry lovers out there. Internet radio’s spread onto those devices will drive more audience growth and advertiser acceptance.

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  1. Nobex also has a cool radio app for Blackberry that provides some streaming and has real time information aligned with broadcast radio airplay and click through access to a bunch of value-added content like lyrics, artist info and song samples. Check it out.

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