Broadcasters Must File Soon with Sound Exchange for New Streaming Deal

Broadcasters who intend to claim coverage by the new NAB/Sound Exchange settlement must file a notice with Sound Exchange of their intention by April 2, 2009. According to Broadcast Law Blog’s  David Oxenford.  A recent post provides a comprehensive overview of the negotiated deal between the National Association of Broadcasters and Sound Exchange.

Streaming Broadcasters Get Some Rate Relief

Oxenford details the rates, which represent some savings under the CRB rate for the years between 2007 and 2011.  These rates are paid on a per song, per listener basis, and include a minimum fee of $500 per channel.

New Reporting Requirements

Recordkeeping details are also provided – broadcasters who elect this settlement option will be required to provide census reporting, detailed monthly reports to SoundExchange about each song that they play – including the song title, artist, album, and the ISRC code or marketing label for that song. The information must include how many listeners there were for each song played. According to Oxenford, SoundExchange has long sought census reporting from webcasters, who are currently required to report only on the music played for two weeks each quarter.

Check Oxenford’s blog for more complete information and links to the actual notice that streaming broadcasters must file with Sound Exchange. Read more about the history behind this settlement and its potential business impact in an earlier Audio4cast article here.


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