Free Internet Radio Stations for Unemployed Radio Professionals

Spacial Audio Solutions, an audio technology and software company, is giving free Internet radio stations to 50 newly unemployed radio industry professionals.  Calling these giveaways Radio Bailouts in reference to the recent government bank bailout, Spacial Audio says “the value of the Spacial Radio Bailout is $3.7 million, with each recipient able to acquire up to $75,000 of services and software – spacialfree!” So far 30 people have been awarded their radio bailout.

Each person receives the tools to start streaming an internet radio station, including Spacial Audio’s radio automation system, ad insertion software and bandwidth for 500 concurrent streams for up to 5 years. Presumably, if the individual grows the station audience to more than that, they would be expected to purchase additional bandwidth. “After someone is relieved of their job, hearing them say  ‘Wow! Thank you for the awesome gift! I’ve always dreamed of starting my own radio station and now you’ve helped me attain it!’* is as good as it gets. This is the next generation of radio owners.” says Spacial Audio CEO Bryan Payne.

To qualify, you must have been employed by a radio station for at least 12 months and lost your job since July 1, 2008. The package is non-transferable, and Spacial Audio may claim up to 30% of the ad inventory on the station for their ad network. To register, click here.

This is a great opportunity for out of work radio folks to learn how to run an Internet radio station. It’s also a great way for Spacial Audio to grow its network, and get some great press at the same time. The people lucky enough to get that package will be knowledgeable in the radio business and likely to be successful in Internet radio as well – and they’ll probably be pretty loyal paying customers in the future for Spacial Audio Solutions!


One response

  1. Kudos to Spacial Audio!
    In a similar small way we are doing the same thing at !
    Out of Work Radio Personalities are a wealth of experience and talent that few mega terrestrial stations recognize as viable when they think a computer program can “do the same thing” for less and with no benefits.
    Without the human touch, radio is a one way communication!

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