CNN: Listening to Internet Radio at Work Improves Focus

cnnThere’s definitely a place for Internet radio at work, according to an article on Listening to music at  work can help workers focus and increase productivity. Headphones at work have made it possible for workers to personalize their listening, allowing them to pick music that fits the job at hand and their surroundings, and Internet radio gives people lots of choices as far as what they would like to hear.

Many of today’s workers are in front of a computer all day long, so Internet radio is readily available. Says CNN: “Vincent Paciariello, an account executive at DM Public Relations, has become an Internet radio aficionado who knows the pros and cons of various stations. He likes Sirius for certain talk programs, AOL Radio for its extensive catalog of genres and Pandora Radio to discover new artists.”

The ability to add music to the workday can increase motivation and make the time go faster. CNN does offer some advice to workersSilhouette With Clipping Path Teen Girl Dancing with Laptop and who are listening online while they are at work: use the pause button when the phone rings, use headphones and keep the volume low so you can hear a co-worker call your name, and keep the dance moves to a minimum…


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