Podcasting is Perfect for Former Radio Personality

Adam Carolla lost his job when CBSRadio switched KLSX‘s format from talk to pop music, so he turned to podcasting his show. Turns out that was a pretty smart decision. Within 24 hours, Carolla’s first show had been downloaded more than a quarter of a million times from iTunes.

adam-carolla-podcastAccording to an article in LA’s Daily News, The Adam Carolla Podcast has frequently been the No. 1 podcast on iTunes, which ranks them according to popularity. It has consistently charted ahead of such staples as NPR’s “This American Life,” HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,“The Ricky Gervais Podcast” and President Barack Obama’s weekly address.

Carolla’s past radio roles include co-host of the popular syndicated sex talk show “Lovelines“, and the DJ that replaced Howard Stern in 2006 when he went to satellite radio. Popular enough to have been on Dancing With The Stars, he’s pleased with the success of his podcast. He believes a subscription based business model makes sense for his edgy show, because then he can say whatever he wants without feeling beholden to advertisers or sponsors.

A growing number of popular radio personalities are building direct audiences for their shows with podcasting. Carolla says  it would be hard to go back to terrestrial radio, which would feels very limiting after this. As Podcasting News points out, “with over a million views in the first week, the Adam Carolla Podcast shows that broadcasters can have hit shows without the support of a radio platform.”

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