Big National Advertisers Using Internet Radio

More and more national advertisers are using Internet radio every month. Whereas last year Katz Online Network was seeing 5 to 10 advertisers using their network of stations on a monthly basis, that number has grown to 15 to 20 this year. That’s a very healthy sign, walmartaccording to Brian Benedik, President of Katz Online Network. And those are big name “blue chip” advertisers, he says, like Bank of America, Dish Network, Intuit’s Turbo Tax, Home Depot, Comedy Channel, REI, Walmart, Sears, Jared Jewelers, and WEBEX.

The company has been able to expand the number of advertisers using online radio by focusing on national advertisers who are using broadcast radio, and introducing them to their network of online stations. Many of the stations in the network are broadcast stations in top 50 markets who are now streaming and building their online audience. It makes sense for advertisers to extend their campaigns to include streaming stations and capture that audience, says Benedik.

Dollars are up as well, he says, while declining to give specifics. The number of stations in the Katz Online Network is expanding. Between large online brands such as AccuRadio, Digitally Imported, Radioio and others, and an extensive list of streaming broadcaster partners like Cox, CBSRadio, Radio One, Bonneville, and many more, the Katz Online Network has excellent coverage to offer any national advertiser.

It’s great to see such a long list of big name national brands that are using Internet radio as part of their advertising strategy. This inevitably pulls in more big brands and expands the revenue base for the medium.

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