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Internet Radio Audience Data for March Released

Ando Media has released audience data for their measured group of stations for March 2009. The big gainer on the ranker is CBSRadio, with a weekly cume of more than 6.5 million listeners to their network. The CBSRadio network now includes both Yahoo Launchcast and AOL Radio audiences, as well as Last.fm and all the streaming channels of CBSRadio’s broadcast stations. As RAIN: The Radio and Internet Newsletter pointed out in their report of this new data on friday – CBSRadio’s streaming audience is second only to YouTube, per David Goodman in his speech at the RAIN Summit last monday.

Other stations or networks saw gains in their streaming audience: Clear Channel’s online network audience grew modestly, as did Citadel’s, Cox’s and Bonneville’s. Entercom has seen some large audience growth in the past couple of months and now has a weekly cume of over half a million. Online brand Digitally Imported continues to gain audience and hold fast as the most listened to online brand on the Ando Media ranker.

A few weeks ago, Ando Media announced that former Arbitron measurement client Targetspot had inked a deal to use Ando’s measurement services. The size of the Targetspot network is not yet reflected in this monthly data. Arbitron, which had partnered with comScore website measurement service to measure stations and networks using panel based data, recently halted that service following defections by several of their large clients to Ando Media’s Webcast Metrics audience measurement platform. Stations and networks prefer Ando Media’s server based audience measurement tools which enable them to accurately pinpoint the size of their network, stations, and channels.

Webcast Metrics March 2009

Webcast Metrics March 2009

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