Study: Streaming Nets Longer Listening For Stations

Jacobs Media has released an updated survey of the way listeners to rock radio formats use media and technology, Tech Survey V 2009. Among the findings, listeners to rock, classic rock and alternative formats are found to be increasing their use of audio and video streaming, texting, and social networking. Nearly 100% of the respondents own a mobile phone and have access to high speed internet.

jacobs-tech-surveyThe study found that 39% of respondents listen to Internet radio on a weekly basis, and that number is an increase of 21% over the last survey. In addition, 52% of those who listen to Internet radio said their main station online is their main broadcast station. 8 out of 10 said they listen longer to that station because it’s available online as well. That, concludes the study, is a strong indication that an additional access point drives up listening for a station. Most listeners stream the station from their computer (95%), 4% listen on mobile devices.

Podcasting activity with this group was about the same as a year ago – 28% have downloaded/listened to a podcast. 72% would be at least somewhat willing to access a podcast that has a commercial in the intro.

One of the highlighted conclusions of the study: while in-home listening to broadcast radio is declining, broadcasters are successfully growing their online audience, and respondents say they are spending more time with their well-known, hometown brands if they provide streams. That’s a loud and clear message if I ever heard one…

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