MySpace Music Gets In Sync With Vitaminwater

Vitaminwater is launching a  new flavor this summer by giving away lots of music downloads from MySpace Music. Promoting the new myspace vwflavor called Sync with the tagline “download of vitamins and antioxidants”, Vitaminwater will put MySpace Music on 24 million bottles and give away that many free downloads from MySpace Music and Amazon Music. Reportedly, they’ll also support the campaign with radio and magazine ads as well as in-store advertising.

Coke, which purchased Vitaminwater last year, seems to be creating a promotion similar to one that Pepsi did with ITunes a few years ago.

It sounds like a great deal for MySpace Music, which has had a difficult time monetizing its huge audience since launching last year. MySpace Music, which has partnerships with the major record labels, plans to build revenue in two ways: advertising sales on the site, and converting traffic to the site to online sales of music, concert tickets and other items.

The association with Vitaminwater has some nice cache, it promises to build awareness for the site, and emphasize online transactions – in this case music downloads. Sounds like a campaign for two brands that are in Sync, and a good blueprint for other large online music sites to set their sights on.

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