IHeartRadio Gets Happy With Fox TV And GLEE

foxFox Television will be the exclusive sponsor of Clear Channel’s IHeartRadio iPhone and Blackberry platforms on May 18th and 19th. Fox will takeover these platforms to launch its new series Glee, after the American Idol finale on tuesday. According to information released by Clear Channel, as part of the sponsorship, a gateway ad will appear while the iheartradio application loads and on every third interaction, such as a station switch. There’s no specific information as to whether that gateway is strictly a visual gateway or if it includes an audio element as well.

“Clear Channel Radio is an innovative media partner that has consistently provided us with new ways to reach our key targets,” said Laurel Bernard, senior vice president of marketing at FOX Broadcasting Company, “They make it easy for us to reach an extended audience on-air, online and now on mobile. We are always interested in the new avenues of communication that Clear Channel offers.

IHeartRadio is Clear Channel’s mobile radio platform and hosts over 200 of their broadcast stations’ streams, specially created online brands such as eRockster, sports and talk personality channels and some special services such as traffic for 10 markets. iheart radio

Clear Channel Radio Sales President Jeff Howard gets credit in the release and says “From on-air innovations like shorter-length spots and blinks, to Web site takeovers, and now to mobile innovations like this roadblock, we’ve been fortunate to work directly with this powerful brand (Fox TV) to help them connect with their target audiences.”

It’s great to see this announcement coming from the traditional broadcast rep side of Clear Channel, as it indicates that Howard and his team are actively working to sell mobile and online opportunities to their stable of national radio advertisers. That can only be good for them and the rest of the industry.

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