Imeem, Grooveshark, and Music Clouds

photo by MiiiSH

photo by MiiiSH

It’s been a big week for news about Pandora – they announced the launch of a new, ad free premium (read: freemium) service with lots of enhanced features, projected profitability for their company next year,  and made news by working with Ford Sync to get into cars. All great stuff.

A few other digital music services have launched new platforms. Music streaming service Imeem has a new iPhone app. Imeem mobile, like other streaming service’s mobile apps, offers the ability to stream, create personalized channels, search for and purchase music from iPhone and iTouch devices.

With Artist Radio on Imeem, listeners can listen to stations featuring their favorite artists plus similar sounding ones. They can also create lists of favorite songs and artists, and that information will be used to create personalized stations based on that feedback. Like most online brands, Imeem also offers a selection of Featured Stations, preprogrammed streams for listeners who don’t care for the interactive options.

The most interesting feature is Imeem’s MYMUSIC which allows listeners to upload their music libraries to the site and then stream their music on demand from their mobile device. According to CNET, the Imeem app allows you to call up any song or album in your collection and play it without the restrictions associated with most services (i.e. limited skips, and the inability to play songs from the same artist back-to-back). It’s a concept called Cloud Storage, the idea being that music is stored on one main cloud server and pulled to various devices by the listener.

groovesharkGrooveshark, an on demand streaming music service, is working with on an app that pulls music from the Grooveshark library, creates a small twitter-compatible url for it, and allows people to tweet songs to each other. It’s a similar concept – Grooveshark’s music library is the cloud storage for musical tweets on twitter.

Here’s how one might use it: Last week I tweeted that Rick Derringer was quoted saying Internet Radio is the future of radio. Someone wrote back about Derringer’s hit song RocknRoll Hoochie Coo. So I went to and tweeted him back the song. It seems like just the kind of social app that could get traction. It also seems like an app that radio stations could use to interact with their audiences…

4 responses

  1. With all of the copyrighted music supposedly about to fly around the globe, the labels—if not their artists–should get rich. Wonder how much the per song rate will be for music streamed via IMEMEM and Grooveshark? You didn’t think it would be free did yiou? : )

  2. Jennifer Lane

    Hi Jack – IMEEM and Grooveshark both have direct private deals with the labels that define how much they pay in revenue. You are correct, it’s definitely not free.

  3. Thanks Jennifer. I guess the labels should love (or just buy) IMEEM and Grooveshark. Anthing that generates revenue for them should get their attention in this day and age.

  4. You might want to check out TuneCore and its announced new slate of services for artists. One of them includes, what looks to me like, an easier song Tweeting option than, though it is only available to the artists which is a little bit of a downer.

    Hopefully the current restructuring of rates that’s being looked at in the Senate won’t pick at the DMCA and others and expand streaming fees for locker/cloud-based music.

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