Yahoo Music Revamp Gets Thumbs Up

About a year ago, Yahoo shuttered its own paid music service, and then subsequently handed operations of its Launchcast free streaming music platform over to CBSRadio. Last month, Yahoo Music debuted a new, beta site that gives Yahoo users access to various paid and free music services available online.

 Visitors to the Yahoo Music site can select from a variety of  music destinations, including free, rayahoo-musicdio-like streaming audio services such as Pandora and, music videos from YouTube, and paid music downloads from iTunes and

The main Yahoo Music page is all about Launchcast –  powered by CBSRadio, and the videos that I saw there were Yahoo videos as well. But a click through to an artists page finds links to Yahoo content as well as branded links to and Pandora, where you can listen to a channel with Beyonce and similar artists. There’s also branded links to Beyonce videos on YouTube, musicyahoo beyonce downloads from iTunes, Flickr photos of the artist, lyrics to her songs, and more. This new version of Yahoo Music is a really great resource to all things Beyonce – or the 500,000 other artists that Yahoo says they offer music and information on. (That’s roughly twice as many artists as they had on the previous Yahoo Music site. )

According to Yahoo Music head Michael Spiegelman traffic is up to the new Yahoo Music. Spiegelman told paidContent that Yahoo Music as a whole grew a respectable 13 percent traffic wise in April, to 20.5 million uniques. He added that daily uniques doubled, with traffic from search engines up a healthy 108 percent. Page views per listener, a good indicator of how long visitos are spending with the site and how much they like it, were up by 40 percent. Yahoo Music was still the No. 2 online music site, according to research company ComScore. Time Warner Inc’s AOL Music was the top site with 28 million visitors.

The new site gives Yahoo Music the ability to offer access to a wide variety of content and services in a format that is in keeping with its core business as a portal or directory. It’s a very well developed, interactive site with deep content. The videos and music that I listened to had a gateway ad in front of them, indicating that they are monetizing the assets as well.

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