Hanson Fills Local Void With Smoothjazz Online

Kurt Hanson, Publisher of RAIN: The Radio and Internet Newsletter, and Founder of AccuRadio, a successful multichannel online station, has launched a new Smoothjazz station for Chicago and beyond. Recently, stations in New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Chicago have abandoned jazz lovers and switched formats to attract more listeners. That, according to Hanson, leaves hundreds of thousands of listeners who love Smoothjazz without a favorite station.

ChitownSmoothjazz.com offers nine channels of Smoothjazz, focused on different styles, instruments and moods, with fewerchitown commercials than any broadcast station. Plus, ChitownSmoothjazz.com has interactive features that allow you to customize your stream and view info about the songs you’re listening to. Smoothpiano, Groovejazz, New Releases, SmoothSax…if Smoothjazz is your thing, this station is sure to suit you fine. It is, as the website describes, a perfect soundtrack for a romantic candlelit dinner.

Internet radio has grown increasing mobile over the past year, with apps on various smartphones and other wifi enabled devices,  making it even more plausible that an online brand can fill a format void created by local broadcast stations’ format changes. Chicago and Jazz are two things that go together, seizing this opportunity makes a lot of sense for Kurt – especially in his hometown.

2 responses

  1. Nice article but Hanson is simply providing a pre-programmed Pandora for
    listeners. There’s no local feel. Not the case for Blue Plate Radio
    and other “local” Internet jazz stations like ours. I would love to see
    something on how stations like ours are also filling the gaps left
    behind by all the Big Box stations’ format changes.


    Ed. Tankus
    Blue Plate Radio – Greater New Haven’s Premier Jazz Station!

  2. I’m going to follow up with a TinyURL link to a recent Washington Post column by Rob Pegoraro in which he discusses his experience with listening to mobile Internet radio:


    My point is about one of the last statements Pegoraro makes:

    “[…] Local stations’ best hope may be to focus on what Internet radio can’t do well, but which they themselves have largely neglected — catering to the interests and tastes of their neighbors. […]”

    This is the niche that Blue Plate Radio and others like us plan to occupy … the one left behind by the FM dinosaurs. Local, national, and international artist interviews – live and podcasts, in-studio performances, local commercials, and more will make us what FM once was: an independent but locally attractive community bridge for music, art, creativity, and business.

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