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New Internet Radio Audience Data Released

New Internet radio audience data released by AndoMedia showed minimal changes from last month’s information. CBSRadio’s Internet radio platform, which includes both AOL and Yahoo’s streaming audience, as well as Last.fm and all the streaming broadcast stations, is definitely the elephant in the room with a weekly cume of over 6 million listeners. Their relatively small AQH indicates that much of that audience is sampling that is not necessarily converted to longer listening sessions, but I suspect CBS is not too concerned about that right now. Everyone’s sampling Internet radio.

The Katz Online Network and CBSRadio’s network both saw positive upticks of less than 5%, while Clear Channel Network’s cume lost about ten percent. ESPN had a cume growth spurt of 5%, but AQH was static to down slightly. Online brands Digitally Imported and 977 Music were remarkably steady in their numbers, while AccuRadio saw a drop of about 10% in its cume, although less than that in AQH.

AndoMedia recently announced that it will begin measuring both the Targetspot network and standalone online brand Pandora. Adding those two entities to the mix should significantly shake things up.

Webcast Metrics April 2009 Audience Data

Webcast Metrics April 2009 Audience Data

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