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Got Your Facebook Handle?

facebookA while back I wrote a post advising stations to start building an identity and community on Facebook. There’s good reason for this – Facebook’s hold on the Internet community is amazing, traffic to the site just keeps growing and growing. Facebook is more than a website, it’s a game changer, changing the way people are interacting online.

According to Nielsen’s Online Global Landscape Report , social media sites eclipsed email in global reach in February of this year. A summary of findings in the report says : “the implications of the social media phenomenon for marketers and publishers far outweigh the impressive metrics: the world’s leading marketers are realizing that at the heart of the social media movement lies a method to transform the manner in which brands communicate with their consumers.

This past weekend, Facebook started offering plain old folks like you and me the chance to get a personalized Facebook URL. (They have been offering them to famous folks for a while.) Kind of like a vanity license plate, they’re easy ways for other people to find and identify you on Facebook. Mine, for example, is http://www.facebook.com/lane.jennifer .

According to WSJ’s All Things Digital, this change will make it easier to use your facebook page as a personal homepage, and make it easier to find people or businesses on facebook and through Google and other search engines.

Businesses, such as stations, would be wise to sign up for a shiny new Facebook digital handle and tell listeners where you are.

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