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Triton To Sell Ads For Wizzard Media’s Podcast Network

tritonTriton Media Group has announced that it will be an integrated sales partner for Wizzard Media. Triton will represent all Wizzard Audio podcast content to agencies and clients for targeted national campaigns, offering advertisers highly targeted content environments to reach very specific consumer lifestyles.

Wizzard Media provides industry-leading online publishing tools for media producers, creates strategic advertising products for marketers, combines the content and the advertising message, and distributes the resulting show to loyal podcast subscribers. In 2008, Wizzard received more than 1.2 billion podcast download requests and provides publishing services for 17,000 audio and video podcast creators.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Wizzard Media. The consumption of podcasts and On-Demand content is exploding and advertisers want highly relevant content. Wizzard is a leader in offering this type of content,” said Bill Freund, Executive Vice President of Triton Media.

This is an interesting step for Triton – adding a huge stable of downloadable audio and video content to their growing network. Triton alsodial global owns Dial-Global, one of the largest broadcast networks, which manages content and ad sales for many national radio programs. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that there’s a business relationship on the content side between the two companies as well that enables Dial-Global to offer on-demand access to their network programming affiliates.

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