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French Company Will Measure Internet Radio

mediametrieMédiamétrie, a French media ratings company, has launched a service to measure listening to streaming and downloadable audio. Médiamétrie’s e-Stat technology will tabulate the number of podcasts downloaded, the number of sessions and the length of time spent listening to ‘catch-up’ radio, and the number of sessions and length of time audiences spent listening to Internet radio and live streamed transmissions.

The company reports that they will provide measurement for a group of European market players including Lagardere, NextRadioTV, NRJ, Radio France, RFI, RTL and online radio association SYROLThis measure will take effect beginning in September 2009, the first results will be published in October and include information on the measurements of podcasts, streaming delayed and live streaming divided by group and by station.

Médiamétrie is an research company in the business of measuring the audiences of radio, Internet, cinema, mobile phone and cross-media. Their entry into the European marketplace is good news for Internet radio. Given this is an established media measurement company, the data could be a very useful tool in helping to stimulate ad spend for Internet radio in France and other countries.

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