Nielsen: Teens Still Listen to Radio

nielsenRadio is the top source of music
consumption for 16% of teens globally
and the secondary source for another
It’s sometimes said that “music defines

nielsenRadio is the top source of music consumption for 16% of teens globally and the secondary source for another 21%, according to a new Nielsen Study How Teens Use Music. (executive summary here.)

But it’s mp3 players that are the main source of music for today’s teens. Thirty-nine percent of teens globally say it is their primary method of listening to music, followed not by CDs or radio, but the home computer, which is the primary source of music for 33% of teens globally. Forty-five percent of teens globally say they listen to five or more hours of music per week on their computer; 12% say they listen to 20 hours or more. (Unfortunately, “on their computer” is not further defined as to whether that’s streaming or listening to music downloads.)

The study is interesting and finds that teens have not completely abandoned traditional media – they still spend time with newspapers and radio, and television viewership has actually grown with this demographic. It’s more difficult to get teens to notice ads, but when they do, they’re more likely to enjoy them and recall them.

It’s an interesting study. I don’t think the takeaway here is that radio or traditional media is doing just fine because teens haven’t abandoned it completely. Putting focus instead on what teen preferences are, and increasing options for teens to consume content while using their preferred platforms, is key to attracting younger listeners.

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