Internet Radio In Your Minivan

routanAutonet Mobile and Volkswagen recently announced an agreement to equip the Volkswagen Routan with uconnect web – the in-car internet service already available to Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep owners. Now more than 600 Volkswagen dealerships in the United States will offer Routan owners the opportunity to add uconnect web, powered by Autonet Mobile, to their vehicle. This agreement will deliver the first internet service for Volkswagen vehicles.

Now when you buy a Volkswagen Routan, you can take the internet with you on the road. With Autonet Mobile, the Routan becomes a WiFi hotspot, delivering reliable and easy-to-use internet access. Now children in the back seat can IM, connect on Facebook, watch YouTube videos or play online games while the front seat passenger checks traffic, makes dinner reservations or listens to Internet radio.

“Volkswagen is committed to delivering vehicles that epitomize and enhance our digital customers’ lifestyle, and the Routan is a modern family vehicle” said Mark Barnes, COO of Volkswagen. “Internet access is a clear benefit to our customers. We’re excited to work with Autonet Mobile to bring connectivity to our Routan customers.”

The addition of Autonet Mobile brings the hottest accessory to Volkswagen’s newest family vehicle. Now Routan customers will have instant internet access anytime and anywhere. Monthly subscription plans start at a flat rate of $29, half the cost of a cell card, and Autonet Mobile is installed by the dealer.

“The Routan customer is looking for entertainment options beyond the traditional DVD player,” said Sterling Pratz, CEO of Autonet Mobile. “Consumers want to extend their living room lifestyle to the vehicle and want the ability to use internet-driven applications – gaming, email, IM, internet radio, and other entertainment and information services – while on the road. We’re thrilled to be a part of the revolution that is making the minivan the cool car to drive.”

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