Broadcasters Must Offer Diverse Digital Assets

by Brian Benedik

brian benedikAs we have seen from various 3rd party research studies, the future of Digital Audio is bright.  As more consumers continue to migrate towards listening to audio through computers & mobile devices, the opportunities for advertisers are enormous…Pre Roll Video, In Stream Audio, Companion Banners, and evolving In Stream Video inventory can all be activated and customized for a Local or National Advertiser.  The growth of audio mobile applications such as Pandora, IHeart Radio, CBS/AOL and others is fueling this trend and it will only accelerate…The idea of marrying terrestrial radio placement with a strategic digital audio program to create a true “Audio” experience is a concept which is resonating with many large & small Ad Agencies around the country.

However, just having Digital Audio in your tool bag is not enough.  Advertisers are looking to activate multiple channels of inventory within their campaigns.  As a Local or National sales agent, you must be able to offer a more comprehensive group of platforms for your clients.  Display, Rich Media Ads, Database segmentation, Mobile and Search capabilities are Digital  inventory to build with Internet Radio so you can create multi channel programs for your customers.  Today’s media salesperson has to think of themselves as a multi channel solutions provider for their clients.

Many of the large terrestrial radio groups are changing the complexion of their sales staffs during the current environment.  The contraction of sellers are now focused on selling multiple sets of terrestrial and digital inventory.  The value proposition of using on air and online assets together is appealing to many brands around the country.

Brian Benedik is President of Katz360, a division of Katz Radio Group. Katz360 sells digital and new media assets for Katz Radio Group’s large network of broadcast stations and online radio brands.

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