Internet Radios As Fashion Statements

Want to listen to Internet radio in style? Tivoli Audio, a boutique manufacturer of high end radios, has just introduced a new line of Internet radios designed by Italian furniture designer Giulio Cappellini, bringing Cappellini’s Fall 2009 line colors to Tivoli’s NetWorks Internet radio.

tivolitexture-largeTivoli introduced Internet radio tabletop devices last year, but this new line really ups the ante in terms of style. There are stylish wood finishes in bold colors and patterns like zebra. In the year since Tivoli first introduced their tabletop Internet radio line, they’ve made a number of upgrades such as playback capability for music players, alarm setting improvements, and improved FM auto seek functionality. The system is supported by, a site offering live tech support and a way for listeners to add radio stations and interact with other NetWorks owners.

Tivoli Audio was founded in 2000 by Tom DeVesto with a goal of bringing innovative audio devices to the marketplace. Mr. DeVesto’s award-winning career is centered on innovative, never tried before, luxury design, marketing, manufacturing and sales principles, including the first manufacturer to sell consumer electronics directly to consumers over the Internet.

Mr. DeVesto’s a businessman who has built a successful career around innovative audio devices, and he’s a big believer in Internet radio. His company is helping to shape the future of Internet radio by creating unique audio products that are attractive and easy to use, not to mention extremely trendy and stylish..

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