Flycast’s New Features Nothing To Swat At

flycast screen shotFlycast’s mobile broadcast platform seems to be getting better and better. Last week they announced “the next stage of their evolution” with advanced station caching capabilities. This means that listeners will be able to continue to listen to their selected stations even when they are not connected – such as on planes, trains, or even, as the announcement says, on submarines or African safaris!

It’s clever, sophisticated technology too – the stations cache wirelessly, so you don’t have to be “tethered via USB” to use the caching function. Caching and playing a station also uses less battery than streaming, (an appealing feature for those of us that know how quickly streaming depletes battery life on iphones).

All of this new technology does come with a price – Flycast is offering a trial period, and then pricing per device, which seems pretty reasonable, given that the original mobile app is free: Users will be able to try the station caching for 7 days, after which they will be able to purchase the 5 hour cache version for a one-time fee of $9.95 and the 20 hour cache version for $19.95. This fee is good for the life of the device.

Flycast has added some other features that should be attractive to their broadcast partners, such as the ability to offer premium content for micro payments, some new, cooler player features, and more.

Kudos to Flycast for their new launch. The caching feature is great – and I love the way they’re monetizing it, offering a free standard version and a paid one with significant upgrades. These improvements should bring them continued placement in top ten lists like this one for best free Blackberry apps…

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