Katz 360 Launches Display Network

katz 360Katz 360, the digital arm of Katz Media Group that was born when Katz bought Net Radio Sales, announced a partnership this week with Rubicon Project, a banner/display ad network. According to Brian Benedik, President of Katz 360, they’ve been looking to create an ad banner solution for its group of stations for a while. He’s pleased to be working with Rubicon Project, a young company based in LA that works with many newspaper publishers and broadcasters as well.

Rubicon will work with Katz 360 to optimize remnant inventory for its group of stations, allowing the Katz Network to create a network of display inventory. Benedik says this allows them to aggregate their clients’ inventory on one platform to deliver scale that national advertisers require. The Rubicon Project’s technology, through the Rubicon onDemand platform, enables the Katz 360 team to customize content and audience selections for any of its advertisers across 40 billion monthly impressions representing 500 million unique Internet users and 20,000 premium publisher websites.

“Sales teams who are able to coordinate creative across channels for their advertisers see a recall increase of 60%. Katz has developed onerubicon of the greatest ad sales forces in traditional media. To continue to be one of the largest partners for advertisers in the world, they needed a way to sell audience online that complemented their existing sales offerings. That’s where we come in,” said Frank Addante, CEO and Founder of the Rubicon Project. “We are enabling Katz to digitize content and allow for their sales reps to sell through the Rubicon Project platform – ultimately providing local and national advertisers with premium online inventory and the ability to reach the specific audiences they’re targeting across the most trusted brand-name sites on the Internet.”

According to Benedik, all the pieces are there – scalability, targetability, and a solid technology to deliver it – for the core Katz 360 team plus 350 Katz Media Group sellers to turn this opportunity into dollars.

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