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BlogTalkRadio Gets Presidential

btr obamaBlogTalkRadio, an innovative, multi-channel streaming platform that aggregates talk radio programs, will host President Obama live on wednesday on a program called 40 Minutes for Health Reform. The show is hosted by a group called Faith for Health, and according to a report in Techcrunch, “the President’s part will be the last 10 minutes of the show after he listens in on the first 30 minutes during which there will be a roundtable discussion about the topic with the leaders of the non-profit group, Faithful America.”

BlogTalkRadio is an interesting hybrid of an Internet radio station and a blogging/social media site. The platform hosts lots of one hour to once a day programs, and gives anyone the chance to create their own streaming radio show. Shows are streamed live and span topics from yoga to politics, and everything in between.

I’ve been impressed by how President Obama has adopted innovative social-media technology during his campaign and into his administration,” says Alan Levy, CEO of BlogTalkRadio. “We’re honored that he has selected BlogTalkRadio as his newest requisite platform for communicating directly with the American people.

It is indeed wonderful both that the President is using new social media tools to reach out to his constituents, and that he has chosen Internet radio in particular. Of course, he uses Internet radio, streaming video and podcasts for his weekly address as well.

BlogTalkRadio continues to show its stuff as an interactive streaming platform with plenty of relevance.

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