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Streaming Music That’s Out of This World

flickr photo credit fdecomite

flickr photo credit fdecomite

Project Calliope is a satellite that will function as a music instrument in space. The satellite will have an “ionospheric detector” which will transmit “sonifiable data” for web streaming. Sandy Antunes, one of the partners in the project, explains it as just like having a MIDI keyboard or MIDI drum in space, only the sensors are ionospheric magnetic and temperature sensors for the melody and harmony.  Since the satellite is spinning, they will try to add optical sensors as well to provide a backbeat.

Although they’ll own the music that gets created, they plan to offer use of it to their sponsor royalty free.”We’re declaring up front that the music/data is available for anyone to reuse or remix as they see fit, without restriction and without cost.” Antunes says, adding “It’s our ‘performance’.  We could charge for it, though I find that silly and unartistic.”

Project Calliope has secured a media sponsor and is seeking a music sponsor as a partner, according to Antunes. ” The sponsor gets to stream the music, offer it for remixing, build a remixing community (if they’re into that sort of thing), and promote something really cool. ” He thinks an Internet radio station would be a perfect match. I agree – it seems like a great way to get additional traffic. They’re looking for $4k from the sponsor, which seems pretty reasonable, given all the buzz you could generate – both here on earth and in outer space….

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