Daily Archives: September 22nd, 2009

Radio News Departments Get Social

facebookNearly half of radio station newsrooms in major markets are using Twitter and Facebook to connect with their audiences. This information, released by News Generation, comes from a survey of 50 news stations in the top 50 markets.

Radio station news departments use social media sites to extend their reach, by tweeting news stories to followers and posting them on blogs and Facebook. 30 percent of stations believe that staying on top of new media helps them increase listener loyalty and grow their time spent listening.

56% of stations use social sites like Twitter and Facebook as a news source as well. According to News Generation’s report, “The majority of radio newsrooms (56%) rely on social media for story leads from “citizen journalists,” and 34% of radio newsrooms say social media not only provides leads but can also provide possible sources of information for news stories.”

Social media has created a shift in the relationship between radio stations and listeners. The growth of social media means that listeners can interact with their stations to a much greater degree. Twitter, Facebook, blogs on your website, these are all essential tools for satisfying and building your audience.

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