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Nielsen: More Women Visit Music Sites

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Photo Credit: Flickr: Mike Licht, Notionscapital.com

More women than men are visiting music sites, according to new information from Nielsen. In August 2009, women accounted for 56.1% of traffic to music sites, which included music news or music listening sites, and the largest cell in that group was women 35-49. That demographic made up 19.2% of all the traffic to music sites during August.

The top two sites visited by women for the month of August were: AOL Music (11.8 million unique visitors) and Yahoo Music (9.9 million). MSN Music was a distant third with a unique audience of 3.9 million.

This information does not relate specifically to streaming activity. In Arbitron/Edison’s 2008 Infinite Dial Study they found that more men than women listen to Internet radio (52% to 48%). Less than a fifth (15.6 percent) of U.S. females 18 or older said they purchased music online within the past six months. Slightly more than 8 percent of women watched or listened to music online.

Lots of women visiting music sites, but not necessarily purchasing music or streaming? Sounds like an opportunity to me..

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