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Tips for Making Money with Podcasts

Social Media Site Mashable recently offered a list of successful techniques for monetizing podcast content. Here are the ideas I liked most:man with ipod

  1. Podcast networks, such as Mevio, Wizzard Media and Podtrac are collecting shows, organizing them by category and selling cpm or cpa based deals. Most content sources are making a little money, although some larger ones are seeing six figures.
  2. If you prefer, sell your own advertising, and use a service like Wizzard Media to insert ads for a fee. AndoMedia offers this service as well.
  3. Give some away, charge for the rest. As the article states, since iTunes does not allow you to charge a fee for podcasts, you have to tempt your listeners with free podcasts on iTunes and get them to visit your site for more. Premiumcast is a platform that you can use to manage the feeds and subscriptions.
  4. Create podcast content that works for listeners and sell it to sponsors. Recommend a book, and get the publisher to spend money. Review a restaurant, ask them to sponsor the podcast.

Podcast listening is growing, albeit at a slower rate than streaming. It’s an excellent opportunity for stations to use existing on-air personalities to extend their content offerings and revenue, not to mention their brand. You could even let station personnel explore topics that they find engaging. Recipe of the day, book club recommendations, decorating tips, high school sports reports – the possibilities are endless.

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