Internet Radio with No Cavities

Flickr photo credit: Eperales

Flickr photo credit: Eperales

Custom Channels is a company in the business of creating customized streaming channels for other businesses. One of their best known projects is that they create Christmas music channels that many broadcast stations put on their websites and sell to retailers around the holidays. They handle everything, providing streaming services, programming, and all royalties, making it nice and easy for businesses to have their own customized Internet radio channel.

Now they’ve created Smile Radio, an Internet radio station for dentist offices. Music that has been “handpicked to enhance the sound and atmosphere of a dentist office.”

Dr. Anil Idiculla of Park Meadows Orthodontics in Denver said, “the power of music is highly underrated in today’s offices. It affects your patients, your team members, and more importantly, your daily productivity…Smile Radio is the total package…current music, playlists, and customization.”

So here’s what I love about this. Custom Channels has come up with a new way to market their product. They’ve created a new, unique marketplace for themselves that sets them apart from other streaming content platforms, and gives them an endless list of potential customers. Their very own blue ocean. And you can’t beat the name – Smile Radio – it’s fun, memorable and smart at the same time. Listening to it probably prevents cavities too…



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  1. KES has been offering ‘business Music Streaming’ for US$35 per month since March 2009 and has over 500 pre-created playlists. Thye company started in Europe for the summer season and has customers in Hotels, Cafes, Bars, Doctors Surgeries, etc. In fact was the 1st companies to offer such a service and they even create special playlists with adverts etc for supermarkets and oterh businesses. Thought I’d ;et you know about them as the “Dentist’ channel as read above is not new.

  2. Thanks. Other services do this as well. Custom Channels has been doing it for years, and Slipsteam is another one that has been doing it for at least a year. I didn’t intend to mark it as new so much as point out a different business strategy.

    Thanks for reading!


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