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Triton’s Latest Digital Deal

tritonThis week, Triton Media Group, a company that has aggregated many digital tools that enable radio broadcasters to extend their online offerings, has announced their latest deal with Internet radio site Jelli. Jelli is a neat digital audio platform that uses crowdsourcing technology to give listeners input on what gets played on the air.

In June, Jelli launched a pilot with CBS Radio Bay Area affiliate LIVE 105 KITS. The Sunday night Jelli show on LIVE 105 has been a ratings success, and two freshly inked deals have put Jelli in the pipeline for thousands more stations worldwide. Now Triton’s Dial Global, a company that syndicates radio programming to a national network of broadcast stations, will make Jelli available to Triton’s more than 4,500 radio affiliations in the United States. Beginning in early 2010, Triton Radio Networks, through Dial-Global, will syndicate two daily Jelli programs – Top 40 Jelli and Rock Jelli – while Triton Digital will offer affiliates customized, 24/7 online Jelli experiences.

Jelli is a fun way to infuse even greater excitement, and a dose of unpredictability, to live FM, HD and streaming radio formats,’’ said Jim Kerr, vice president of strategy for Triton Digital Media.  “Jelli combines the engagement, challenge and teamwork of a video game; the personalization and sharing of music we see in social networks; and a traditional broadcast that brings the experience to the masses.’’

Jelli is a great tool that stations can use to weave an online interactive experience into a  broadcast station’s platform. Fusing online and offline programming is a great way to co-brand broadcast and Internet content platforms. CBSRadio has been experimenting with this concept not just with KITS in the Bay Area, but also with stations in LA, New York and other large markets where they recently launched Last.fm HD Channels, taking music, playlists, and music charts from that online station’s listener generated activity, combining it with other unique content from Last.fm such as interviews  and performances, and creating a branded HD channel.

Now Triton offers stations two ways to integrate an online experience into their broadcast programming, with either the plug and play syndicated show, or a more customized Jelli experience.

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