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Flycast Spreads its Wings

New mobile app for Radioio by Flycast

New mobile app for Radioio by Flycast

Flycast is a lot more than a mobile platform for streaming Internet radio stations. According to their press release this week, deploying Internet radio content on the mobile web is just a piece of what their technology is built for. Their new ADdapt platform was built for radio and video content broadcasters, musicians, labels, sports entities and distribution networks, concert promoters and other pay per event content and advertisers seeking branded channels/apps.

This new Flycast platform can create branded mobile destination websites and apps for mobile devices and provide ad management services like insertion, trafficking and reporting. More sophisticated technological goodies include a mobile personal media recorder (PMR) and time shifting capabilities.

Flycast’s ad platform enables delivery of audio, video and various display ad formats. Other monetization options include site sponsorships, content subscription services (one-time or renewing), pay per event/pay per view services, app sales, in-app upgrade sales (freemium concept) and product and content sales. They have also integrated Google’s DoubleClick DART for Publishers platform for trafficking and reporting our ad insertions.

Flycast is redefining itself as more than a radio-specific streaming mobile platform, which is a fine thing. There’s been a trend among broadcasters to do business only with vendors that were willing to spoon feed radio packaged technology to the stations. It’s nice to hear a vendor assimilate streaming radio stations with many types of entertainment content providers instead.

The mobile web audience grew by a third in the past year. Global mobile advertising is expected to climb 19% to $3.3 billion in 2010. And that’s before it accelerates in 2011. It’s a good time for Flycast to introduce a revenue focused mobile solution, and a good time for stations to rev up their streaming mobile strategy.

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